Refund Policy

Customer payment obligations
Customers understand and agree that payment for services are post-paid and are billed on a monthly basis to the credit/debit card provided on the Website upon subscription on Account Details page of the If customer’s credit/debit card is not valid or if payment is not made for any reason that causes customer’s account balance to become negative, the subscriber may be considered in default under the Agreement. If any payment due to the Russia Plus TV Company under the Agreement is not paid when specified, subscriber’s account will be suspended.


Refunds, Credits and Cancellations
Russia Plus TV Company does not issue credits or refunds in the event of a change in services requested or any cancellation of a service prior to end of the agreement. In case of prepaid service for the chosen period, money will not be returned to the customer. The customer may suspend, cancel and resume the service at any time and for any length of time. No penalties or extra charges are imposed but the User must pay for the actual services rendered at the time the service is suspended or cancelled.


Automatic renewal
These agreements will automatically renew at the service price and conditions specified in the Agreement unless Subscriber cancels the account by sending a written notice that he or she does not want to renew the services. The Customer may cancel the automatic renewal at any time via the Account Details form on our website.


Default and Remedies
The customer will not be complying with the Agreement if there is any one or more of the following actions:

Failure to pay amount for service when due.

Subscriber fails to comply with any provision of these Agreements.

If subscriber is in default in any way, the Russia Plus TV Company may immediately take any one or more of the following actions:

Declare all unpaid amounts due and payable.

Terminate the Agreement of service provision.

Take any other lawful actions Russia Plus TV Company may consider appropriate in order to obtain damages for subscriber’s breach.




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